Open Space & Natural Resource Conservation

Open Space & Natural Resource Conservation Policy

Plano will conserve and restore open spaces and natural resources to increase resilience, adaptability, and biological integrity and maintain the city's urban forest as a key component of the natural infrastructure network to improve air quality and the health of Plano's citizens. 
Open Space & Natural Resource Conservation Action Statements

Rehabilitate and enhance natural drainage systems, water detention and retention basins, and other infiltration areas for multiple benefits, such as recreation, wildlife habitat, and stormwater management.
Identify opportunities to conserve and reestablish open space networks, mature existing tree stands, steep slopes, floodplains, priority wildlife habitats, and significant natural features as part of public and private development plans and targeted acquisition. 
Work with local arboricultural institutions and agencies to prepare a detailed Urban Forestry Plan that establishes goals for treescape improvements and enhancements throughout the community. 
Conduct a citywide study every 8-10 years, or as necessary, to determine heat island hot spots. 
Evaluate the feasibility of creating tree planting program to assist specific property owners in addressing heat island hot spots.  pending
Create a pavement reduction incentive program that identifies innovative ways to reduce the amount of impervious surfaces and reestablishes green infrastructure. pending
Evaluate the commercial landscaping requirements within the Zoning Ordinance as part of the Urban Forestry Plan updates to ensure zoning regulations meet the intent of the urban forestry policies.  complete

Supporting Resources and Materials
Erosion Control Manual
Urban Forestry
Urban Forest EcoSystem Analysis
Urban Heat Island Maps