Plano Past
Plano's Past - Where We've Been
Plano’s history can be traced back to the 1840's Peters Colony. The Peters Colony was established through a land grant issued by the Texas Congress to encourage settlement of North Texas. Some of Plano’s most prominent families began to arrive and establish large farms in this area.  In 1873, a year after the arrival of the Houston Texas Central Railroad, Plano was incorporated. 

By 1960, the city had a population of almost 3,700 residents. New residents, seeking the American dream, began streaming into Plano in the early 1960's and by 1980, the city’s population had increased to 72,000.
Plano Today: Who we are now.
Plano Today - Who We Are Now
Today, Plano is a vibrant, safe, and sustainable city with attractive neighborhoods, lively urban centers, a vital economy, a high degree of mobility and an abundance of educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities. We maintain the status of City of Excellence by providing outstanding services and facilities, innovative service programs, and creative solutions. 
Trends and Challenges
Trends and Challenges - What We Will Plan For In The Future
Plano has grown into a thriving, safe and resilient city. And now, the only thing certain for our future is change. We are successfully managing the transition to a mature city. But upcoming trends and new challenges will affect the way the city evolves and grows. 
Plano Future

Plano's Future - Where We Are Going
The Plano of tomorrow will build upon the foundation of our past.  We will create a future of excellence by reinforcing our current strengths and addressing opportunities for change. Plano will be known worldwide as a premiere location for businesses and for its exceptional variety of neighborhood choices. We will build on our reputation as an international community with a high quality of life and take the next step in our successful transition from a small agricultural town to suburban bedroom community to a major employment center.

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