Numerous individuals including the City of Plano's elected and appointed officials, City Staff, key stakeholders and citizens provided knowledge, assistance and insight throughout the process of developing the vision for Plano Tomorrow. Specific contributions of the following are greatly appreciated: 
Mayor and City Council
Mayor Harry LaRosiliere
Mayor Pro Tem Lissa Smith
Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Ben Harris
Council Member Rick Grady 
Council Member David Downs
Council Member Ron Kelly
Council Member Tom Harrison 
Council Member Angela Miner
Former Council Member Pat Gallager
Former Council Member Jim Duggan
Former Council Member Pat Miner
Former Council Member Andre Davidson
Advisory Committee/Planning & Zoning Commission Members
Doug Bender, Chairman 
M. Nathan Barbera, 1st Vice Chair
Kayci Prince, 2nd Vice Chair
Forrest Hicks
Mark Pittman
Michael O'Hanlon
Hilton Kong
John Muns
William Hilburn, Former Commissioner 
Michael Mansfield, Former Commissioner
City of Plano City Staff
Bruce Glasscock - City Manager
Frank Turner, FAICP - Deputy City Manager
Christina Day, AICP - Planning Director
Doug McDonald, AICP, CNU-A - Comprehensive Planning Manager
Eric Hill, AICP - Development Review Manager 
Steve Sims, AICP - Senior Planner, Demographics
Ken Schmidt, CNU-A - Senior Planner, Long-Range 
Shari Forbes, GISP - GIS Analyst
Lori Schwarz, AICP - Neighborhood Services Director
Shannah Haley - Director of Marketing and Community Engagement 
Melissa Peachey - Digital Communications Manager

Wendy Jorgensen - Senior Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Evan Reitzell - Senior Digital Producer 
Al Carnley - Assistant Webmaster/Graphics
With additional support from ALL city departments. 
And 4,000+ Plano residents and business owners who provided input! 

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