Environmental Quality 

Natural Environment Vision

Plano is a healthy and sustainable city, whose policies and investments focus on building and site efficiency, protecting and restoring natural resources, and improving the resiliency of the community.

Environmental Quality Policies and Actions

Plano's growth presents challenges toward protecting the natural environment, including water, air, and the preservation of open space and natural resources. The  Environmental Quality component is part of the Natural Environment and includes policies for open space and natural resource conservation and waste minimization. 

Review the video to learn more about the Environmental Quality component. The two policies below include the action statements that are necessary to achieve the Natural Environment vision. Individual policy pages include a preference survey and visitors are encouraged to participate by prioritizing the policies!  ​

Natural Resource Conservation
Plano will conserve and restore open spaces and natural resources to increase resilience, adaptability, and biological integrity and maintain the city’s urban forest as a key component of the natural infrastructure network to improve air quality and the health of Plano’s citizens. 

Waste Minimization
Plano will reduce the overall disposal of solid waste and increase reuse and recycling to conserve environmental resources.