Regional Water Conservation

Regional Water Conservation Policy

Plano will assume regional leadership regarding water issues and work with North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) member organizations to encourage more efficient water use and conservation. 
Regional Water Conservation Action Statements

Initiate and advocate for change to the “Take or Pay” policy with the North Texas Municipal
Water District (NTMWD) and other member cities that reflects actual water usage and
reward conservation measures.

Develop regional water usage plan with the NTMWD for all member cities.
Participate in regional planning activities to prepare for predicted future drought conditions.

Develop a landscaping water usage plan that would enable Plano to conserve and reduce
the costs for purchasing water from the NTMWD.

Actively educate residents to achieve compliance with water restrictions.
Require drought resistant and native plants for all new development and replacement of
current landscaping throughout the city.  

Study operational impacts of drought conditions on the city’s water and sewer system.  

Supporting Resources and Materials
Water Conservation
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