Regionalism Vision

Plano is a leader and an innovator in the Dallas-Fort Worth region by working with other communities to address population growth, regional transportation, air quality, water conservation, consistency with neighboring cities, and educational opportunities. 
Regionalism Policies and Actions

With a population of almost seven million people, the Dallas-Fort Worth region is the largest urban region in Texas and the fourth largest in the United States. The City of Plano, located in the northeast quadrant of the Dallas-Fort Worth region in Collin County, is a key city with a population of 270,000 and over 147,000 jobs. As a large metropolitan area, there are many future challenges that must be addressed through regional cooperation.   

Review the video to learn more about Plano Tomorrow's Regionalism component. The six policies below include the action statements that are necessary to achieve the Plano Tomorrow Regionalism vision. Individual policy pages include a preference survey and visitors are encouraged to participate by prioritizing the policies!  

Population Growth
Plano will accommodate regional population growth in identified areas while preserving the suburban character of the community.

Regional Transportation
Plano will evaluate regional transportation options with consideration of the impact on existing residential and business development and emphasis on the expansion of transportation choices, traffic demand management and trip reduction strategies to improve regional mobility. 

Air Quality
Plano will lead by example in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by developing polices that assist the region in reaching attainment for air quality. 

Water Conservation
Plano will assume regional leadership regarding water issues and work with North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) member organizations to encourage more efficient water use and conservation.  

Neighboring Cities
Plano will partner with neighboring cities to provide municipal services and plan for compatible growth to ensure consistency of public improvements between jurisdictions and operational efficiencies. 
Regional Education
Plano will partner with local and regional education institutions to provide quality educational opportunities to retain students in the region and for economic development opportunities to attract businesses seeking universities to provide research and development opportunities.