Population Growth

Population Growth Policy

Plano will accommodate regional population growth in identified areas while preserving the suburban character of the community. 
Population Growth Action Statements

Develop a policy on new growth based on the Growth and Change map, which identifies appropriate locations for growth and redevelopment opportunities. pending
Review the Growth and Change map and Future Land Use map every two years and amend growth recommendations as development trends and conditions change. 
If required, rezone land at preferred growth and redevelopment locations to accommodate future growth recommendations.  inprogress
Collaborate with neighboring cities to determine compatibility with residential development policies. 
Advocate with the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) to include increased residential development policies within developed cities in traffic modeling.
Participate in regional discussions regarding population change and migration into the Dallas-Fort Worth area and its impact on cities and the region. 

Supporting Resources and Materials
Future Land Use Map
Growth and Change Map
Interactive Zoning Map
Annual Housing Study