Eight Step User Guide

Plano Tomorrow is a web-based, interactive plan. There is no printed version of the plan. This new format is an emerging concept in cities around the world and is the first to be introduced by a Texas Community. The plan is more visual and interactive as elements are communicated through a series of videos and graphics. With so much accessible information, we want to make it easy to navigate through the plan and understand the full nature of the planning process: from past planning efforts and public outreach to Plano Tomorrow implementation.

One of the most important considerations in reviewing the Plano Tomorrow plan is its broad scope. The Plano Tomorrow plan has 274 action statements, all of which are intended to work together to improve Plano for the future, balancing the diverse needs and desires of our varied and dynamic community. Action statements are measurable objectives that are strategically linked to the broader, more aspirational goals set forth in the Plano Tomorrow plan policies. Action statements drive the development of implementation strategies for the Plano Tomorrow plan and will ultimately play a critical role in the city’s budget process and the formulation of department work plans.

For a printable summary of the plan, please view the Executive Summary