Advisory Committee Workshops

The Plano Tomorrow Advisory Committee, made up of the Planning & Zoning Commissioners, worked with staff throughout 2014 to identify new policies and actions based on public comments. A number of specialized speakers also presented to the Commission to assist in policy decisions. These workshops are summarized below and include staff reports and presentations for each topic of Plano Tomorrow. 

In addition, staff hosted a creative Joint Work Session with the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council to identify target areas for development and redevelopment opportunities, evaluate future transportation demands, and create new placemaking initiatives within the city. 
Outline of Advisory Committee Workshops
A Special Thanks to our Work Session Guest Speakers

  • Dr. Robert Kent, North Texas Commission - Director of Environmental Programs 
  • David Rodriguez, Vision North Texas - Vice President of Business Development and Director of Sustainability at Schwob Building, LTD 
  • Mark Israelson, City of Plano Assistant City Manager 
  • Heather Merchant, City of Plano Sustainability and Environmental Education Manager
  • Edith Marvin, North Central Texas Council of Governments - Director of Environment and Development 
  • Chris Klaus, North Central Texas Council of Governments - Senior Program Manager, Transportation and Air Quality 
  • Michael Cox, Southern Methodist University, Director of the O'Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom 
  • Phyllis Jarrell, City of Plano Director of Special Projects 
  • Sally Bane, City of Plano Director of Economic Development 
  • LaShon Ross, City of Plano Deputy City Manager
  • Larry James, President and Chief Executive Officer of CitySquare
  • Buddy Echols, Executive Director of Region 10 Education Service Center 
  • Tammy Korns, City of Plano Library Marketing and Community Partnerships 
  • Robin Reeves, City of Plano Chief Park Planner 
  • Kimberly Byrum, Senior Vice President at Meyers. LLC
  • Marvin Jolly, President of the Collin County Realtors Association 
  • Lee Stark, Wellness Center for Older Adults 
  • Shaheen Salam, Co-Chair for Plano's Multi Cultural Outreach Roundtable 
  • Suzy Jones, Executive Director for the ArtCentre of Plano
  • Bhavesh Mittal, City of Plano Heritage Preservation Officer 
  • Paul Wageman, DART Board of Directors
  • Jack Carr, City of Plano Director of Engineering 
  • Renee Burke Jordan, City of Plano Trail System Planner 
  • Frank Bliss, President of Cooper and Stebbins 
  • Paris Rutherford, President of Catalyst Development