Jobs & Workforce Development

Jobs & Workforce Development Policy
Plano will assist the education and business communities in developing a competitive workforce to provide job skills demanded by the regional market place and employment opportunities for local graduates. 
A diverse economic environment demands a highly skilled workforce that continues to improve job skills, education, and knowledge to compete in a dynamic business climate. 

Review the video to learn more about Plano Tomorrow's Jobs & Workforce Development component. This policy includes action statements below that are necessary to achieve the Plano Tomorrow Economic Environment Vision. 
Jobs & Workforce Development Action Statements

Create a partnership involving executive leadership from the city, local education services
and businesses for providing data and analysis that address community issues impacting
workforce development.  
Create an annual report on the city’s workforce strengths and challenges.    pending
Meet with local colleges and public education providers and encourage the creation of
programs that enhance job skills of city residents needed by employers. 
Encourage and support efforts by area colleges and businesses to integrate recent graduates
into the local workforce.
Enhance Plano’s quality of life to retain and recruit a highly skilled workforce for the community.   inprogress
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