Diverse & Resilient Economy

Diverse & Resilient Economy Policy
Plano will focus efforts to retain existing businesses and target outreach to innovative knowledge-based companies to ensure a diverse and resilient economic base. 
A diverse economy creates a city that is resilient in times of change or economic stress. Plano’s current economy is comprised of a mixture of businesses that vary in size and industry sectors. 

Review the video to learn more about Plano Tomorrow's Diverse & Resilient component. This policy includes action statements below that are necessary to achieve the Plano Tomorrow Economic Environment Vision. 
Diverse & Resilient Economy Action Statements

Analyze Plano’s current economic base to identify current needs and opportunities.   pending
Identify business clusters within the city and develop market studies to support the continued
growth and expansion of these industry sectors. 
Review undeveloped land areas within the city to anticipate infrastructure needs required to
assist with economic development activities. 
Formally engage with business leaders on a regular basis to address specific needs to assist
with the expansion and retention of existing businesses as well as the development and growth
of new companies. 
Provide strong customer support to businesses for the delivery of municipal services.    inprogress
Supporting Materials and Resources
Economic Development
Community Profile 2019
ED 2018 Progress Report