Heritage Preservation

Heritage Preservation Policy

Plano will embrace its unique historical character and authenticity by identifying and preserving historic and cultural resources that promote the understanding of the city's history and enrich the city's sense of place. 
Heritage Preservation Action Statements

Implement the City of Plano’s Heritage Preservation Plan and update every five years to serve
as the guiding document for the city’s Heritage Preservation Program and related activities.      
Develop and adopt a demolition by neglect ordinance. 
Conduct a survey to evaluate structures built between 1945 and 1975 to determine potential
eligible historic areas. 
Develop an ordinance to designate neighborhood conservation districts. 
Review, and amend as necessary, the zoning ordinance for compatibility with the character of
the existing historic districts. 
Increase compliance actions to meet the adopted heritage district guidelines. inprogress
Establish standards for appropriate infill development within historic districts.  
Develop standards to guide rehabilitation of historic properties with energy efficient or clean
energy technology. 

Supporting Materials and Resources
Heritage Preservation Plan
Heritage Preservation Resources
Downtown Plano Resources