Arts & Culture 

Arts & Culture Policy

Plano will promote the advancement of arts and cultural amenities with private and nonprofit partners to enhance quality of life and enrich community culture. 
Arts & Culture Action Statements

Develop a policy to support the installation of public art throughout the community.     
Coordinate with the Plano Multicultural Outreach (MCOR) to determine the needs of different
cultures living in Plano and possible impacts on municipal services. 
Create a cultural awareness program for city employees to learn about the different cultures
represented in the city. 
Build on the success of the annual music festival and promote additional arts and
entertainment throughout the year.  
Promote events and programs that recognize and celebrate social and cultural diversity
in Plano.  
Coordinate with the various arts and performing arts organizations to expand cultural activities
within Plano.   
Target public investment to leverage additional capital for heritage, arts, and cultural activities. 
Determine the feasibility of performing arts venues within the City of Plano. inprogress

Supporting Materials and Resources
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