Active Living & Citizen Well-Being

Active Living & Citizen Well-Being Policy

Plano will partner with local medical providers to create health and wellness initiatives that increase active living and citizen well-being. 
Active Living & Citizen Well-Being Action Statements

Conduct a Community Health Impact Assessment to evaluate community concerns and risks and
develop evidence-based recommendations to protect and improve community health and well-being. 
Develop educational programs and campaigns to inform the public and provide better access to
information on healthy lifestyles and community health resources. 
Improve partnerships between the City of Plano and school districts to promote healthy lifestyles
and supporting activities through schools. 
Support farm-direct programs (such as farm-to-work or farm-to-school) that link local farmers
and food vendors to consumers. 
Increase the number of tobacco and smoke-free environments, including outdoor areas,
worksites, schools, and multi-unit housing, to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke and
improve indoor air quality.

Encourage successful formation and patronage of retail food establishments with healthy options
throughout the city, such as: farmers markets, community supported agriculture, corner and
neighborhood stores, and supermarkets.
Increase health programs and outreach to senior citizens and meet needs of the growing number
of retirees.

Supporting Materials and Resources
Recreation and Facilities
Plano Athletics
Leisure Programs
Bicycle Transportation Plan
Environmental Health