Property Standards

Property Standards Policy

Plano will educate the community on the importance of property maintenance and provide proactive inspections to improve the quality of life, enhance the city's appearance, and protect the health and safety of the community. 
Property Standards Action Statements

Evaluate and leverage technology to increase the effectiveness of on-site inspections and
enhance communication with citizenry.
Facilitate a reduction of assigned neighborhood units per inspector to effectuate an increased
awareness of property maintenance and voluntary compliance.

Generate a citywide catalog of residential properties per neighborhood to develop a housing
stock baseline.
Conduct periodic surveys of residential properties to measure change in neighborhood property
Implement a systematic inspection program for single-family residential structures. pending
Expand community engagement initiatives with HOAs, crime watch groups, and others to reduce
common property maintenance issues and garner increased interactions.
Complete an inspection efficiency study to analyze the number of reactive cases reported by
residents verses the number of proactive cases identified by staff within a defined period.
Incorporate the use of volunteers to address routine property maintenance violations. inprogress
Develop strategic plans to include the outline of essential processes required for the
maintenance and preservation of mixed-use developments and other innovative land use improvements.
Establish best practices to advance voluntary compliance and progressive code enforcement

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