Public Safety

Public Safety Policy

Plano will enhance its present high quality public safety and public outreach initiatives to lower crime rates and sustain quality fire protection while providing greater services to the community. 
Public Safety Action Statements

Implement the strategic plans for police and fire-rescue and update every five years. 
Provide yearly updates to City Council and the public for police and fire-rescue services.
Identify and prioritize projects for inclusion in Community Investment Program (CIP) fiscal
year budget and future bond elections. 

Annually meet with the Planning Department to evaluate population growth and changing
demographics in order to effectively maintain fire service coverage and police services at
the highest level. 
Respond to and prepare for continued increases in emergent and non-emergent medical
responses, with consideration to the aging population, new senior living facilities, and the
evolving socio-economics of the Plano community.  
Meet the national standards for emergency response times for Emergency Medical
Services (EMS) calls, fire calls, and department standards for police Priority 1 calls.
Recognize and strengthen the role of social networks in public safety through increasing lawful
activity in public spaces and through information sharing.
Direct resources to education and prevention programs, such as Neighborhood Crime Watches,
that encourage residents to be proactive regarding personal property and share responsibility
for community safety. 
Evaluate new technological advances and programs to modernize public safety efforts and
provide efficient and effective services in the most cost effective manner.  

Supporting Materials and Resources
Fire Annual Report
Fire Strategic Plan
Police Annual Report
Police Strategic Plan
Police Citizen Programs