Emergency Management 

Emergency Management Policy

Plano will evaluate and expand its emergency management initiatives and education to better prepare the public and city staff during emergencies. 
Emergency Management Action Statements

Implement strategies to reduce or eliminate the impact of large-scale emergencies or disasters through the implementation of Plano’s Hazard Mitigation Action Plan (HMAP).  
Update Plano’s Continuity of Operations Plan to ensure that the City is able to continue performance of essential functions.
Identify, assess and prioritize local vulnerabilities to emergencies or disasters and the resources available to mitigate, respond to or recover from them. 
Monitor changes in citizen demographics to assure readiness initiatives are properly targeted and formatted.
Increase community resiliency through direct comprehensive preparedness activities; community-wide disaster preparedness education, training of citizens for the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and participation in the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) Safe Room program. inprogress

Prepare for and anticipate Incidents of National Significance that will trigger local response and recovery coordinated efforts.   inprogress
Coordinate with other city departments to integrate emergency management techniques into long range planning efforts. inprogress

Supporting Resources and Materials
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