Quality of Life 

Social Environment Vision

Plano provides a strong sense of community and high standard of living for its citizens through sustaining strong local partnerships and programs that ensure superior services, diverse cultural amenities, and quality educational opportunities.

Quality of Life Policies and Actions

The City of Plano is committed to providing a high quality of life for its citizens and businesses. The Plano Tomorrow Quality of Life component is part of the Social Environment and includes policies for social services, city services, parks and recreation, active living and citizen well-being, libraries, and educational opportunities. 

Review the video to learn more about Plano Tomorrow's Quality of Life component. The nine policies below include the action statements that are necessary to achieve the Plano Tomorrow Social Environment vision. Individual policy pages include a preference survey and visitors are encouraged to participate by prioritizing the policies! ​
Plano will strategically plan and implement improvements to city facilities and infrastructure to ensure the necessary needs and services are provided to the community. 
Plano will enhance its present high quality public safety and public outreach initiatives to lower crime rates and sustain quality fire protection while providing greater services to the community. 
Plano will evaluate and expand its emergency management initiatives and education to better prepare the public and city staff during emergencies. 
Plano will educate the community on the importance of property maintenance and provide proactive inspections to improve the quality of life, enhance the city’s appearance, and protect the health and safety of the community. 
Plano will partner with local medical providers to create health and wellness initiatives that increase active living and citizen well-being. 
Plano will enhance and expand, as appropriate, the existing library services to accommodate additional community needs that serve the changing demographics and library trends for the city.
Social Services
Plano will partner with private enterprises, nonprofit organizations, Collin County, Plano ISD, and other entities to provide adequate support to underserved populations within the community. 
Plano will develop and maintain a comprehensive system of park, trail, recreational, fitness, and sports facilities and programs that keeps pace with the city’s changing demographics, creates multiuse destinations, and improves the health, wellness, and morale of the citizens. 
Plano will assist with local education initiatives and opportunities to ensure high quality learning within the city.