Roadway System

Roadway System Policy

Plano will develop an integrated, multimodal transportation system, through the utilization of technology and innovative concepts that improves the safety and efficiency of the roadway system for all users.
Roadway System Action Statements

Develop a transportation plan for Plano that addresses all modes of travel.

Create an Intelligent Transportation System for Plano's roadway network.
Improve intersections of all bicycle trails, pedestrian pathways and streets for increased visibility, safety and comfort.
Review and update roadway standards to accommodate all modes of transportation.
Develop criteria to assess the effectiveness of pilot projects.
Identify and improve locations within the city’s transportation infrastructure to meet Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards.
Coordinate with neighboring communities to explore regional transportation approaches that improve traffic flow within and between jurisdictions.
Review and update the Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) threshold for new and redevelopment projects. pending

Supporting Materials and Resources
Thoroughfare Plan
Cross Sections
Bicycle Plan
Thoroughfare Standards
Road Construction
Traffic and Transportation
Connection Study