Built Environment Vision

Plano is a vibrant city with attractive and walkable neighborhoods, distinct mixed-use urban centers with active nightlife, strong commercial corridors, and a multimodal transportation system that includes a variety of transit options.
Transportation Policies and Actions

Transportation is a critical component of city planning that lays the foundation for the physical design of a community. The Plano Tomorrow Transportation component is part of the Built Environment and includes policies for roadways, bicycles, public transit, transportation demand management, and the pedestrian environment.

Review the video to learn more about Plano Tomorrow's Transportation component. The five policies below include the action statements that are necessary to achieve the Plano Tomorrow Built Environment vision. Individual policy pages include a preference survey and visitors are encouraged to participate by prioritizing the policies!  ​
Plano will develop an integrated, multimodal transportation system, through the utilization of technology and innovative concepts that improves the safety and efficiency of the roadway system for all users.
Plano will provide access to a convenient transit network focused on increased travel options and direct connections to major local destinations.
Plano will enhance and maintain a safe regional bicycle system to provide a viable option for travel to destinations, which is accessible to all users.
Plano will utilize Transportation Demand Management to improve air quality, reduce journey to work trips and mitigate traffic congestion.
Plano will pursue a universally accessible and well-connected pedestrian system that promotes walkability, improves navigation of major thoroughfares, and encourages connections between residential areas and neighborhood centers.