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A comprehensive plan is intended to define the community's vision and identify actions needed to achieve the goals and aspirations of the citizenry. 

How the Plan is Implemented

The Comprehensive plan provides policy and direction in terms of land use, transportation, city services and priorities, housing, and other important aspects of a city and is envisioned to cover a long-term time horizon. The established policies and actions of the plan provide a framework which individuals, businesses, and public officials can make decisions that are consistent with the community’s vision for the future. Review the video to learn more about how citizens, staff, and city leaders can work together implement the plan.

Implementation Strategy Chart

Implementation Process

​Our Progress - Annual Reporting

The comprehensive plan is a long range guide to the city’s future over the next 20 years and is a key long-range guide for the future growth, priorities, services, development, and redevelopment of the city. To measure plan progress, an annual report has been created to provide a snapshot of the implementation outcomes. This report will be updated yearly to communicate implementation progress, promote plan implementation accountability, and anticipate future opportunities and challenges in the plan implementation process. 

Annual Report (Click Image)

Plano Tomorrow Annual Report

How You Can Continue to Participate

There are a number of ways that citizens can continue to participate with Plano's vision for the future:
  1. Sign up for the Newsletter. The comprehensive plan will undergo a review in 2020. Use the button below to request to be added to the Comprehensive Plan Review Process newsletter. 
  2. Email us your comments and questions. Have a question? Want to make a comment? You can email us directly at or by using the button below. 
  3. Give us your comments using the public feedback polls. Each policy page will have a public feedback poll that will ask the importance of the policy to you. Use the poll to rank the policy's importance and leave us a comment using your Facebook account. The results of these polls will be presented to city leaders during the budget review process and prioritization of future projects. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can email your comment directly at

The Unique Characteristics of the Plano Tomorrow Plan 

Plano Tomorrow is defined by a number of unique characteristics that enhance the layout of the plan and ensures effectiveness.  The web-based, interactive format of Plano Tomorrow is an emerging concept in cities around the world and is the first to be introduced by a Texas community. Historically, Plano’s comprehensive plan has been in a printed format that could only be accessed in person or downloaded through an online PDF. “In essence by doing the comprehensive plan in this format, it becomes a living document that can evolve as our population changes and new trends in development arise,” said Planning Director Christina Day. 

To learn more about these characteristics, locate your mouse over the gray boxes below and descriptive text will appear. 

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